Teks Global is an agricultural consultant firm with an experienced staff and a prominent agricultural distribution network. Teks Global uses advanced business strategies to provide investors and farmers with a secured investment an exchange platform.

With the world market in view, Teks Global and valued chain services Limited brings innovative solutions to Agriculture, Agric business and the food sector in Africa. Teks Global is a private owned company launched in January 2018. So far we have trained and financially empowered over three thousand persons in different areas of Agriculture ranging from livestock farming, open field and green house farming. Teks Global is currently engaging and collaborating with several agricultural, financial and network marketing firms within and outside the shores of Africa for human development and maximum exploration of available opportunities.

Why Choose Teks Global

Teks Global is actively path finding a unique solution to the agricultural challenges in Africa. This approach will involve massive participation in farming and Agro allied business.

There are three basic challenges facing the everyday start off farmer:

  1. Inadequate knowledge of their chosen field of agriculture.
  2. Lack of needed finance to sponsor agricultural produce.
  3. Ready market for their produce.

Our System

We have created this system to connect people, train them to pursue farming and Agro-Allied business in a professional way. Africa is a commodity base continent and so we are training these African farmer to be Agro-business couscous.

Finally, our system is design to provide predictable financial assistance for farm or factory project through a revenue sharing program (compensation plan). It is time to raise billionaires from the Agric sectors in Africa

Our Business Plan

Our business plan has been design with a lot of local knowledge of how people in this part of the world prefer the online network business. A lot of smooth and shadows have been remove to avoid the cumbersome management of other business plans.

We want our members to achieve our financial growth with speed and excitement. Our compensation plan is smart, simple, lucrative and achievable. We use the high breed binary system.


Teke Samuel the CEO of TEKS Global and Value Chain Services is an online entrepreneur and a seasoned networked. He is also a top earner in some network marketing companies. With over 9 years of experience in network marketing and agric-business, he has a lot of experience and ideas on how the network marketing and agric-business should be run in Africa. He is a business developer, financial coach,author and motivational speaker. He is a Cameroonian with multi-talent, smart, intelligent and a people lover. He is also a radio and a tv presenter. He is a host to one of the highest listened radio program on Media Afrique radio called financial world. He is also the author to one of the greatest financial book titled the 21st century billionaire. 

The journey to financial freedom does not begin from the pocket but from the mind” (Teke Samuel)


We have created an investment opportunity for everyone who is not interested in network marketing and does not want to be a practical farmer. Opportunities are available for them to make an investment with the company and earn 4% return on investment of whatever amount of money they invest. This 4% ROI will be paid to the investors every week to 50 weeks.