Cocoa Farming in Africa presents one of the brightest investment opportunity to local and foreign investors in agribusiness in this region. Cocoa has been and will remain one of the fastest selling agricultural product in both local and international market. Once you have it planted and nurtured to maturity, you harvest cash from it for many decades. The reason is because cocoa is a perennial crop that survive produce for many decades. Ivory Coast and Indonesia are the world’s biggest cocoa producers, follow by Nigeria, while Ghana is in distant forth position. But one thing special about cocoa farming business in Africa is that the potentials in this sector is massively under utilized.

There are thousands of acres of fertile lands in South West and South South Nigeria that are suitable for cocoa farming but currently wasting away. Cocoa was the mainstay of Nigerian economy before the oil boom. The moment oil was discovered, cocoa farming was abandoned, leaving the opportunity for any would-be serious farmer to exploit. A bag of Cocoa is currently sold for $200 (N100,000 in Nigeria) and about the same price in Ivory Coast and Ghana. If you have 1,000 bags of cocoa right now, you can easily swap it with $200,000 (N100,000,000) cash!