Teks Global Terms and Conditions

The access to this website and all information, data, images, videos, webcast or products and any other website, affiliates or agents linked to this website’s terms and condition of use confirms your unconditional agreement to be abound by these terms. Please read them carefully before using the site. If you do not agree with any part of these terms, you must not use this site. If you are a member, you are bound by additional terms and conditions contained in TEKS GLOBAL AND VALUE CHAIN SERVICES LIMITED.


From time to time, we reserve the rights in our sole discretion to modify, update and add to, discontinue, remove, revise, or otherwise, change any portion of this agreement, in whole or in part at any time as TEKS GLOBAL deems necessary to satisfy any applicable law, legal process, government request or regulations


The company has the sole right to change payment methods, payment conditions, ROI % of the company to her members at any time for the growth, benefit and sustainability of the company and her members.


The company will not entertain any form of fast track marketing system/model whatsoever. Members are not allowed to have more than seven accounts, there must not be any form of ghost member in the system, and binary movements of members must be justified. If any member goes contrary to these rules, such member will be DELETED from the system immediately and all benefits withheld. In the unlike event that this program should ever terminate its operations or that of her affiliates, its creator, operators, employees, assigns and successors shall not be held responsible/liable for any loss whatsoever to her members. We make no claim on how much money members can earn with our program. Your ability to earn depends on a number of factors including where and how you advertise the program, and the motivation and abilities of those in your up lines and down lines to make referrals. Duplication is critical to your earning capacity. Members caught causing harm to our program will have their accounts terminated and in worst case scenario will be prosecuted for their actions. Note that we will investigate all allegations before taking actions. Our compensation/payment plan is based on our revenue sharing formula. Once you sign up, there can be no refunds. You agree to accept email updates from TEKS GLOBAL AND VALUE CHAIN SERVICES LIMITED. TEKS GOBAL has the rights in her discretion to change these terms and conditions at any time and the updated version will be posted and effective immediately. Please always check the website frequently especially before using our site. Members at level 3 are mandated to show their projects which must be an agricultural-based project or its value chain products. Failure to do so, your account will be temporarily blocked or you’ll be denied access to your account. That you were not under any pressure signing in to becoming of this organization and so there would be no refund of fund or nobody would be held responsible for your not understanding the business. So the company expects you to ask all necessary questions before paying your signup fee. THANK YOU FOR PARTNERING WITH TEKS GLOBAL. YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM IS OUR UTMOST PRIORITY. TEKS GLOBAL, CREATING WEALTH, BUILDING LIVES AND HELPING THE PEOPLE. THINK TEKS GLOBAL, THINK